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Maybe add a Homework section?
It's something I saw before on a xenfro Nintendo forum back in the day. Since I've seen an uptick in homework threads in the personal section, I thought I'd make this suggestion & see where things go.
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Aww, you beat me to making this suggestion myself. XD But, yea with so many different members starting homework threads, maybe a section for it might be in order? :3
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I like this idea.
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Sure, let's shove the nerds into a corner ;)
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I suggest we put this under the Private Lounge, just to be on the safe side of things. Good idea though.
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We had a section like this a long time ago on the old board, or something like it at least.

I have no issues with bringing it back, if there's demand for it.
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Thanks for the suggestion :) .

I think it's a nice idea; however, before I add it, I have two questions to ask:

1) Would anybody use it? As @ Pyrite correctly mentions, we did have a "Homework Help" section on the old board way back when; however, it was removed because it was almost never used. Unfortunately, I don't see any reason why things would be any different if we were to add it on here :( . I am open to compelling arguments as to why things would be different this time, but I don't want to "just give it a chance" if there's little hope of success: right now, I'm trying to get rid of extraneous sections, not add even more!

2) Are we even qualified to provide this kind of help to begin with? Sure, if it was high school-level help, then I could give it a go; however, if it was college-level, then I'd be of no use whatsoever with any subject other than mathematics - and even then, I'm pretty rusty, since I graduated over half a decade ago :( .

As I said, I like the idea, and I'd be very open to adding this is if there was a proven demand for it (for example, if multiple members here were asking for homework help on a regular basis), and if we had people qualified to provide the required level of help for a wide range of subjects. However, if there's no good reason to think that it would be used (or if there are large gaps in our ability to help out), then I don't wish to add a "Homework" section just for the sake of having one.

I hope that's clear :) !
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