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Writing Everybody loves schoolwork.
As I promised, this thread will exist to house my many school writings. Journey with me to see what assignments I labor over and the weird results than they bring. I am very open to criticism and feel free to tear the stuff apart if you so choose. For your first piece...

I finally finished the podcast script! Well, I finished it yesterday and just didn't feel like looking at it for a while. :P Here you go:

Sociology: So What? Podcast Script

Thank you @"ObsessedwithBirds" @ Dust Bowl and @ Lurker101 for y'alls help on this one. In the end, I don't know how well it turned out or how correctly if follows the assignment, but I think it's okay.
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~~I had Arizona in my mind when coming up with my account name~~.

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Yeah, I think it turned out well. It does a good job of explaining the field, while remaining engaging and not getting too technical too quickly.

(Of course, since this is just an introduction, and you'll presumably need to go deeper into all of these aspects later on, it might prove difficult to maintain that - but, good luck :) !)
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Lurker101 Wrote:I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Mega Blok movie planned but the pieces wouldn't fit together.

(Thanks to ObsessedwithBirds for the avatar and sig!)
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Thank you both so much!

So I just did my last essay for AP Language and Composition and here is the result (Thanks @ Lurker101 for the idea.):

Stream of Consciousness

This essay was supposed to be breaking the boundaries and showing what we had learned this year and reflect our growth as a writer and thinker in a unique way. I'm eh about the results but to some extent happier with it than any other essay because I tried it.

I am currently taking suggestions (or maybe someone will make a suggestion that will inspire a title) for a title, though. You have until I go to sleep tonight or if you send it early in the morning and I think it's great, I might do that one. I probably won't send it in until tomorrow morning.
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"Inside <321Tumbler>'s mind" "A study of <321Tumber>'s inner workings".

Nice, although I thought the word limit was longer then what it ended up being.

I did mine with out establishing rules I just went in to the stream of consciousness and talking about what I was experiencing, hearing, seeing, maybe even smelling at the time, I wish I still had access to that essay to show you.

WARNING: ACCORDING TO @ 321tumbler this poster may cause diabetes

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The EU killed the Internet star
The EU killed the Internet star
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Put down the blame on copyright
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Nice! I like it! Remember to spell out contractions, it adds to your word count. :P More important for essay writing than just general writing.
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Thanks! Actually, I'm over the word count this time. :p Normally we're not allowed to have any contractions, but she wanted us to break those rules this time if they had a purpose and since I went with a very casual tone, it fit to use them. I do think using contractions. :P
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This is not my Sociology work post, but I just wrote this for Astronomy so I thought I'd share it. I was supposed to look into Pauli's Exclusion Principle and explain how it connects to Astronomy (better than the book did) in a two-page little report thing.

Pauli and Astronomy

I loved writing it and although it isn't the best writing quality overall, I think it turned out okay.
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