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Running games below system requirements
As every PC gamer will know, pretty much every PC game comes with a set of minimum system requirements. If I try to run a game on a machine that doesn't meet these requirements, then it most likely isn't going to run (maybe I'll get lucky and it will, but the point is, I can't expect it to run :P ). On top of this, many games have recommended system requirements, which won't be necessary to run the game on its lowest settings, but may be needed to run it at a playable pace on anything more than that. So, has anyone ever tried to run a game on a machine that was below the minimum system requirements - and, if so, did you succeed? 

Myself, I've tried it several times - usually as a result of forgetting to check the requirements before buying the game :lol: . In almost every case, the game just refused to run: sometimes it would load, but then I'd be unable to get past the main menu (it would typically freeze or crash out - or, at best, objects on the map would fail to render and the game would be unplayable). I think the only game I got running at all without meeting the system requirements was Civilization V: my old laptop's integrated graphics technically didn't meet the requirements, but I found I was still able to run the game on low graphics settings. (Still, it was sluggish, so I was very glad when I finally upgraded my laptop!)

What about you?
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Hmm I haven't done so in about 4 or 5 years IIRC, my old college laptop (RIP what a trooper) I am pretty sure didn't meet the min specs of some of the games I tried to run, such as the first Tomb Raider reboot (it ran...just low frames), or the machine games reboot of Wolfenstine which dind't run past the opening cut scene of the first level.

Here are some Youtube channels that might help people who either want to (because some people find it fun) or need to: LowSpec Gamer Budget Builds Official RandomGamingHD

The last two channels although not necessary about running games below spec they will take older hardware and see how it runs on modern(ish) games as a method of stress testing the hardware, so it can provide at lease some praticle feedback on if a game will run or not and what settings they used.

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Grim Fandango on half the required RAM was a blast... would take a full minute to load rooms and would crash my PC on ocassion; so much so that I ended up burning my monitor due to restarting it so much.

Good times XD
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Impossible Creatures ran at a snail's pace on my old IBM Aptiva when I first got it, but ran so smoothly on another computer that was around. Apparently it needed more than 128MB of RAM. Also, Petz would refuse to run if the screen resolution was below 800x600.
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