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Cholesterol-lowering pill on the way

A new type of drug - called bempedoic acid - could offer another weapon in the fight against bad cholesterol.

An international study suggests the pill lowers cholesterol in people who continue to have high levels despite taking other drugs such statins.

And scientists suggest the new therapy may also work as an alternative for people who are unable to take statins because of side-effects.

The research is published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Researchers say they have asked UK and US drug regulators to consider whether to approve the pill.

Nice :D . Cardiovascular disease is obviously one of the major killers in the Western world - so, the more weapons we have to fight it, the better. 

Let's hope it continues to show promise in subsequent trials :) !
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Cool, I guess. But do we need more pills?
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The medical field just keeps getting better and better. Let's hope this will be a worldwide success :)
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I like how it be used instead of statins, that can cause muscle pain.
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