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F1 race director Charlie Whiting dies aged 66
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Charlie Whiting, the head of Formula 1 for motorsport's governing body the FIA and one of the most influential people in the sport, has died aged 66.

Whiting suffered a pulmonary embolism on Thursday morning in Melbourne, where he was due to officiate this weekend's season-opening Australian GP.

Whiting was the official race starter and oversaw all rules matters in F1.

FIA president Jean Todt called Whiting "a central and inimitable figure who embodied the ethics and spirit" of F1.

Whiting had worked for the FIA since 1988, when he joined initially as technical director.

Wow, this is very sudden :O . He was even in Melbourne, ready to go to work at this weekend's season-opener :( ...

For as long as I can remember (and longer), Whiting has been working tirelessly to make sure F1 races are able to run smoothly. Due to the 'background' nature of his role, he's one of those people who perhaps didn't get the recognition he deserved, but he's been every bit as essential to the running of the show as the drivers themselves. He certainly leaves big shoes to fill - and he does so very suddenly...

My condolences to his friends and family
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