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Reference Directory of General Gaming Discussion Threads
On the old forum, we had a "Directory of General Gaming Discussion Threads", which was essentially a list of threads that just related to gaming in general, without being tied to any specific game. If people wanted to talk about their gaming experiences, but weren't sure how to go about it, then this list was intended as a good place to start.

Originally, it wasn't cross-posted onto the new board, because there was very little to put into it: everything was still on the old board :P . However, now that we have a decent number of these threads on here, I thought it was time for me to re-post the topic. So, here's a list of the threads we have so far (broken down into categories, and listed in alphabetical order within each category):

Your opinions on games

The first group of topics are all based on your opinions or assessments of games. Some of them are based on a specific aspect of games (e.g. the music), while others are broader in scope. These topics give you a chance to recommend a game you found particularly enjoyable - or warn us which ones to avoid!

Annoying/weird phrases NPCs say
Best game you got for free?
Best video game music?
Critically-acclaimed games you just don't like
Favourite Easter eggs?
Favourite game you've ever played?
Games you'll still play in 10 years' time?
Games you love and hate
Games you want to like, but can't
Nostalgic immunity
What features would you like to see more in gaming?

Your personal preferences and habits

These threads are about your personal tastes in gaming. Whereas the previous ones were largely about how good/bad you consider games to be (either in certain areas or as a whole), these ones are about what kind of gamer you are, and what kind of gaming you personally enjoy.

Do you pre-order games?
Farming and grinding
Games you're taking a break from
How much do you mod your games?
How much gaming merchandise do you own?
Powergaming or Roleplaying?
Preferred types of games
What difficulty level do you play your games on?

Things you've achieved as a gamer

These topics are places to share the specific experiences you've had as a gamer. Impress us all by telling us of your greatest achievements - or own up to some of your more embarrassing escapades!

Most hours spent on a single game?
What was the first game you have bought with your own money?
Your lucky moments in videogames?


There were a few topics that either straddled multiple categories, or didn't really fit into any of them. Here they are:

Games you still play for nostalgic reasons
Invent your own achievements
Invent your own sequel
Popular games you've never played?
Upcoming games
Where do you get your gaming news?

If you've got any more threads which you think should be added to the list, then post them here (although, since I only want to list topics that people are actually interested in discussing, I'll only add them to the list once they get at least 5 replies, and at least two people other than the topic starter have replied).

Happy posting :) !
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