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Mentions changes ("The Message Is Missing")
As I'm sure you know by now, we've had a persistent problem with Source Mode being enabled by default on the text editor. Namely, attempting to post a topic would throw an error saying "The Message Is Missing", causing all of the content of the topic to be lost. Additionally, when quoting a post, only the text inside the quotes would show up: anything after that would be lost.

While @ Nilla and I were setting up our new test board earlier this week, we figured out that the the problem was something to do with either the text editor (Rin Editor plugin) or the mentions (MentionMe plugin). If we had either of these plugins installed on their own, then everything would work fine; however, if we had both running simultaneously, then we would run into "The message is missing" and quote problems.

I contacted the developers of both plugins, and let them know about the issues that I was having. Today, I found that martec (the developer of Rin Editor) had run some tests, and found that the issue was with the MentionMe system's auto-complete function. As a result, I've temporarily disabled the pop-up, and it appears to have fixed the issue :) !

So, the tl;dr version of this is:

  • You can enable Source Mode by default again, and you should no longer run into "The message is missing" issues or quote problems.

  • The auto-complete popup for mentions has gone, so you'll have to type usernames out in full in order to do mentions (and type out quotation marks for usernames that have spaces in them, like @ Test Account ). This is a bit annoying, but hopefully, it'll only be temporary, and for now, I think it's a worthwhile trade-off to get Source Mode working properly again.

Thanks to martec for their assistance - and, I'm hoping this will be fully-fixed soon :) !
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Well at least there's some form of fix that's a bit better then before!
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Sweet! I'm glad there is a temporary solution that actually works. Give martec our thanks for getting back so quickly!
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@ Kyng Glad to see it working now. Nice to be directly in source mode again. :P
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