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What rice do you like?
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Rice is one of those foodstuffs that really needs no introduction. It's one of the world's staple food crops - particularly in Asia, but from there it spread all around the world relatively early on in human history. It may not be the most exciting food in the world; however, it's certainly one of the most important (rice accounts for over one-fifth of all calories consumed by humans).

Considering it's so widely-eaten, it's not surprising that there's a wide variety of grains and flavours to choose from. Some are brown, and some are white; some are long, and some are short; some are stickier than others, and some are softer than others. On top of this, there are many flavours of fried and scented rice: there are far too many to list, but there are all manner of sweet, sour and savoury varieties out there. 

Myself, my favourite is coconut-flavoured rice - especially the sticky, strongly-flavoured variety that one of our local Thai restaurants makes. Lemon rice ranks highly among my preferences too (and, along the same lines, I've heard about lime rice, but sadly never had the chance to try it!)

What about you?
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I'm quite fond of pilau rice, especially for a curry ^_^
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I haven’t really ventured out with my rice tasting if I were to be honest. I like the plain white stuff that’s the most ‘typical’ rice and I’ve tried the bright yellow stuff too. I didn’t like it as much but it wasn’t awful. I want to try egg rice sometime, maybe I should try more food!
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Sweet and sour, mandarin orange, not sure what else.
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Yellow rice
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