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Hey peeps!
Name's actually Chloe, like my favorite character in the Life is Strange video game. I'm from Pheonix, Arizona & moved recently to Florence, KY to start my college journey of becoming a nurse. 

I'm a gamer girl & have made good friends like @ queenzelda & @ Yami Yugi who I meet on Universal Gaming originally. Been wanting to join for a while, but was hesitant due to now massive this site is. But, I figured new year new stuff to try, so here I am. :)
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You're welcome :D

That's understandable, but I'm sure you'll be able to find your niche here, and having good friends who are on here already should certainly help with that :)

Best of luck with your studies too - and, hopefully, your dreams of being a nurse will one day become a reality!
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Hey Chloe! I am Tsu, nice to see you here too :)
~~I had Arizona in my mind when coming up with my account name~~.
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If you're pals with these guys, then I definitely know who you are ;) Welcome! :D
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Welcome to TCH. :)
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Welcome Chloe. Seems like you’ve got some pretty cool interests. It’s always good to see new people join. I hope you enjoy your stay and stick around. :)
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Eruption Headache Zach
Welcome Chloe!! :)
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Welcome @ Chloe  enjoy your time with us :)
Come say hello at... [Image: 2912322to_Tky_BGL_zpsamo1tiat.png]
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