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Member of the Year 2018 - Results
At last, our Member of the Year 2018 poll has been concluded. We had a difficult year in 2018, but we came out strong - and a large number of members were a part of that. In the end, 11 members made it onto the poll - and 12 members received votes, since one person who didn't make the poll got a write-in :lol: .

Anyway, the full results are as follows:

  • 1st place: Megan (8 votes)
  • =2nd place: ObsessedwithBirds (7 votes)
  • =2nd place: queenzelda (7 votes)
  • 4th place: Shiny Star (6 votes)
  • =5th place: BrynStevens (5 votes)
  • =5th place: Dust Bowl (5 votes)
  • =5th place: Oscar (5 votes)
  • =8th place: GrieferLord (4 votes)
  • =8th place: Jarkko (4 votes)
  • 10th place: MegaphoneStallone (3 votes)
  • 11th place: Crooked Crow (2 votes)
  • 12th place: Gaomon274 (1 vote; write-in)

Congratulations to @ Megan on winning the title! By far our most significant event of 2018 was the move from ZetaBoards to MyBB - and Megan has played an instrumental role in that by generously offering to host our new home. Then, when her original hosting shut down, her aid was essential in moving us over to new hosting. Consequently, I believe she is a worthy winner of Goldmedal2 Member of the Year 2018!

However, everyone who made it onto the poll has done a great job of contributing to the community over the course of the year - and, as such, you'll all be receiving Coffee Credit prizes as a reward for your efforts.

Congratulations once again to Megan - and thanks for nominating, voting, and contributing :D . Here's to an even better 2019!
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Aww..thanks. Ferret and congrats everyone else! Dook!
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(01-11-2019, 12:58 AM)Megan Wrote: Aww..thanks. Ferret and congrats everyone else! Dook!

Congratulations! Dook! 

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Congratulations, @ Megan  Great job!
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Dook! Dook dook!

That's ferret for "Congrats, you deserved it!" but you probably already knew that since you speak ferret all the time. ;)
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Congratulations Megan! :D
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Well deserved :)
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Congrats Megan!
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Congrats Megan! Thanks again for stepping in to host this place and keep us going!!

Dook dook dook!
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Well deserved win. Megan is a very valuable contributior. :)

I’m surprised that I even made it on the poll let alone get that many votes so thank you.
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