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What if - Kyle Busch doesn't wreck Ron Hornaday during 2011 Texas2 Trucks race?
This will cover one of the most controversial moments in the Truck Series (in my opinion).

So let's set this one up.
NASCAR has had issues with Cup Series drivers running in Xfinity (Nationwide) and Truck, running the majority of the schedule with their Cup teams (or teams affiliated with a Cup team) and trying to win the championships in those series while also running full time in the Cup Series.
This led to NASCAR putting in a rule stating that drivers can only earn driver points in one national series at a time (though their results will still tally for manufacturer and owner points irregardless of their points status). Drivers can swap what series they run in but they forfeit their already earned points and their older finishes can't be retroactively added to their new series points, only new finishes will count.

So in 2011 we had Kyle Busch running all three national series, and for this race, we were very close to the end of the Truck Series season.
The #33 of Ron Hornaday Jr. is in championship contention, among a few other drivers.

Early into the race, the #33 of Hornaday Jr. and the #18 of Kyle Busch are battling for second place.
Then they came upon a slower truck that had just gone a lap (if not another lap) down, the #07 of Johnny Chapman.
The #33 slips up the track, likely got loose, and takes the #18 truck with him and both get into the outside wall briefly but both are going to be able to keep going and be alright.
Caution comes out.

While caution is out, the #18 truck didn't like that and intentionally spins the #33 into the wall and wrecks him.
NASCAR was furious (among many fans and folks in the NASCAR community).
One of the championship contenders was wrecked by someone who can't even earn points in the series!
NASCAR parks the #18 truck and driver Kyle Busch will need to visit the NASCAR hauler after the race.

The aftermath wasn't pretty.
The #33 truck was basically knocked out of championship contention for something pointless.
NASCAR parked Kyle Busch for the remainder of the weekend, meaning he'd miss the Xfinity and Cup Series races, something NASCAR almost never does.
Rookie Michael McDowell replaced Kyle in the Cup car, while veteran Denny Hamlin replaced Kyle in the Xfinity race.
This would also eliminate Kyle's chances to battle for the Cup Series championship, though it wasn't looking likely that he would've gotten it anyway at this time.

Kyle would then apologize and offered Hornaday Jr. the #18 Truck to drive in 2012, but Wikipedia says he declined since he had a relationship with Chevy and didn't want to drive a Toyota entry.

NASCAR also hit Kyle Busch with a fine and placed him on probation until the end of the year.

For the remaining races (~2), the primary Cup Series sponsor for the #18 car (Mars) didn't want to sponsor Kyle.
Interstate Batteries would step up for Kyle, but Wikipedia says that Aric Almirola was possibly being considered for the car otherwise.
Wikipedia also says Kyle was replaced for the season finale race in Xfinity as the primary sponsor for the car (Z-Line Designs) didn't want him driving the car.
He also missed the race before Homestead in Xfinity, but I'm not sure the specifics as to why.

NASCAR has set it pretty clear, don't intentionally wreck championship contenders or we'll make sure you won't race. And that they won't tolerate intentionally wrecking people under caution.

So alternate-history time.
What if Kyle Busch didn't wreck Ron Hornaday Jr. under caution?
Would the two trucks still be able to battle up front after repairs?
Would the #33 still be in championship contention after the race?

What if NASCAR didn't park Kyle for the rest of the weekend?
What if they had extended it to block him from racing the remainder of the season?

Would this situation have been a bit different if Kyle had been allowed to run for driver's points in the Truck Series?
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