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No 2010 Con-Lib Coalition
As I'm sure our British members will be aware, the 2010 UK General Election resulted in no party gaining a majority in Parliament. This situation was resolved by the formation of a coalition government between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, which had enough seats in Parliament to form a majority between them. 

But, what if, for whatever reason, the Con-Lib coalition agreement had fallen through after the election? There are several possibilities to consider here: one of the two main parties could form a minority government (perhaps with a loose agreement, though not a coalition, with the Lib Dems), or Labour could somehow form this Rainbow Coalition (which, a few by-elections later, could lose its majority, thus transposing us into the previous scenario). 

We did have a bit of discussion of this on the old forum; however, that was back in 2012. There's plenty that's happened since, so we could probably come up with a version of events quite different from what we've seen in reality :P .
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