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I'm Gone!
Good bye.
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I'm unaware of what happened, until I saw the posts prior to the announcement. I am going to say this though... you didn't need to call it quits just because someone had upset you, or any other small things that had happened here. This is just like Naiwen all over again...

Well, I'll respect your decision but you're making the wrong one. If you're having an issue with someone, you would've just ignored them and not take it personally and then everything will be fine. Just my two cents here.
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I'm very sorry to see you go, MamaFrankie :( . You've been a great member over the past two years, and you'll be missed very much. 

However, I have no choice but to agree with @ BrynStevens here. I don't know for sure what has brought this on, but if it's what I think it is, then I'm going to be completely honest and say I think you're over-reacting. If it's an issue with Nilla, then I'm sure she'd be willing to talk it out. Or, if it's an issue with Crow, then perhaps using the 'Ignore' button would be better? 

In any case, it is ultimately your decision. You're more than welcome the come back any time - but, if you don't, then I wish you the best of luck in life :) .
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(10-10-2018, 06:45 AM)Kyng Wrote: Or, if it's an issue with Crow, then perhaps using the 'Ignore' button would be better?
I think it's more of this, from that quip he made in the other thread. He probably didn't mean it, but definitely not with malicious intent.
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Sorry to see you go. You were a very valued member of our community. :( 

On another note, could we stop speculating about her reasons in this thread? If she wants to tell us why, she can. But theorising about someone in their own leaving thread isn't really cricket.
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