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Do you drink diet pop / soda or other beverages?
I will on occasion, but I really don’t like taste of it.  I prefer drinking regular pop, ginger ale being my favourite.

i did buy a store brand ginger ale with 1/3 less sugar and it tasted good!
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Not usually, although I will sometimes drink sugar-free versions (and I have no problems with drinking diet ones if that's all that's left!)
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Not really. I love Zevia, though.
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I stopped drinking sodas in 2014.   I am glad I did, and I really do not miss them at all.  I don't crave the sugar and calories that can result in a weight gain of 10 or more pounds a year.  I care even more about my health and well-being as I age.

I currently drink regular water (as opposed to the sparkling sh*t everyone thinks is so superior these days), and tea. 

Truthfully, my body does not tolerate any kind of carbonation anymore.   :)
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The only kind of soda I really drink is Coke and I prefer Coke Zero over diet Coke because it tastes better.
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I'll have a coke when I go out to eat. I will have a coffee with my breakfast, water through to lunch, which I will then have an herbal tea, & a glass of juice with dinner. I also barely drink half my soda when we go out, I usually leave with tea if there's enough for me to leave with a glass full. If not I'll leave with ice water.
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No. Never have, never will. I've only drank milk and water throughout my life.

And yes, I don't drink coffee either. Come on, hit me for it.
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