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Agent DC76
My electronic projects...

I've been writing music sporadically since I was in high school; at first it was just with this MIDI program called MusicTime, but in the 2000s I got to using VST (virtual studio technology) software, and eventually put some of my music online, although I've scrapped some of my older stuff. :P When I got to doing my Master's, I kinda put it on the back burner and never really fully got back into it until recently.

But my style is a mix of symphonic electronica and ambient/new age music, not too dissimilar in style to Jean-Michel Jarre but obviously far inferior. :P Still, if you want to have a listen, have at 'er! My newest track is a bit different by my standards, relying less on trance-like leads and more on ambient sound effects. It's called "A Strange Voyage."
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