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Favourite animals?
(07-18-2018, 03:38 PM)ObsessedwithBirds Wrote: I might as well post my favourite orders of birds. :P
  • Picimorphae clade: Coraciiformes/Bucerotiformes/Piciformes
  • Psittaciformes
  • Diurnal birds of prey clades: Accipitriformes/Falconiformes/Cathartiformes
  • Strigiformes
  • Ardeiformes
  • Passeriformes
  • Strisores clade: Caprimulgiformes/Nyctibiiformes/Steatornithiformes/Apodiformes/Podargiformes

Reasons for loving Coraciimorphae clade: not only are they diverse and have many colours, they are beautiful and unique. [Image: 150?cb=20161123204812][Image: 150?cb=20161123204442][Image: 150?cb=20161123204917]
Reasons for loving Psittaciformes: they're parrots, and I have pet parrots. Not only that, they are beautiful and intelligent. [Image: 150?cb=20161123212554]
Reasons for loving the birds of prey clades: powerful, beautiful and amazing. What more could you want?
 [Image: 150?cb=20161123203216][Image: 150?cb=20161123212439][Image: 150?cb=20161123203344]
Reasons for loving Strigiformes: they're owls! Duh! Haha. They're wise, stoic, mysterious and nocturnal.
 [Image: 150?cb=20161123203510]
Reasons for loving Ardeiformes: herons, egrets and bitterns are beautiful, powerful and intelligent. Egret plumes are beautiful. [Image: 320px-Little_Blue_Heron.png]
Reasons for loving Passeriformes: the most diverse group of birds on the planet. They're beautiful, intelligent, amazing, come in many colours and they're fascinating. 
[Image: 200?cb=20170504224558]
Reasons for loving the Strisores clade: most of this clade is nocturnal, mysterious and beautiful. Hummingbirds are wonderful little creatures. Who could hate hummingbirds? 
[Image: 200?cb=20170705155723][Image: 91?cb=20180320033303][Image: 320px-Mlongipennis.png][Image: 220px-Roosting_Oilbirds.jpg][Image: 200px-Batrachostomus_septimus_01_original.jpg] 

15/10 post.

[Image: zhqv8y8.gif]
[Image: j6f64BS.png]
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I love Cats the most, with my favorite breed being a tie between a Norwegian Forest cat and a Maine Coon. I also love dogs, huskies are my favorite breed. Hedgehogs and ferrets are definitely my third and fourth favorite animals. I also like ducks too, they are definitely my favorite type of bird.
[Image: UlpiYU4.png?1]
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Surprise me with a goat and I will ACTUALLY love you forever.

[Image: american-airlines-says-no-emotional-support-goats.jpg]
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(10-06-2018, 10:41 PM)chai Wrote: Surprise me with a goat and I will ACTUALLY love you forever.

[Image: american-airlines-says-no-emotional-support-goats.jpg]

SO CUTE! Awww...
[Image: 250?cb=20190609081208][Image: 150?cb=20190615133936]
Warui zo zurui zo akuyaku ihhihhi no hī
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I love the tortoise and turtle families! They take life easily
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(02-11-2019, 11:31 PM)Bane Wrote: I love the tortoise and turtle families! They take life easily

Turtles are cool!
[Image: H4kDJkp.jpg]
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My cats, leopards, grey wolves (the species, not just grey-coloured ones xp), certain cute little monkeys, cute little froggies, bunnies, blue tits ( :hehe: ), and many others!!!
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It should be no surprise that my favorite animals are members of the canine and vulpine families. :)  I love wolves, foxes, long as has four legs and hows, barks, or woofs, I'm in love with it! :)
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- Anything feline, especially :wub: house cats :wub: , sandcats, wild cats, cougars, lions, and Siberian Tigers.

- Bald eagles, peregrine falcons, Steller's jays, and hummingbirds are among my favourite birds. I also have a soft spot for songbirds in general.

- I'm not sure I'd call canines "favourite," since I'm a bit of a cynophobe. :whistle: That said, I do think wolves, malamutes, huskies, and shelties are beautiful.

- Horses.

- Cervids in general. Although admittedly I'm not as keen on moose as the rest of the family :P

- Bighorn sheep.

- Antelopes.

- Polar bears.
[Image: mmT4f1B.gif]
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(07-30-2018, 07:07 PM)Kyng Wrote: Come to think of it, I'm surprised Jarkko's collection of linguistics reading material wasn't there :thinking: .
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