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CJ's Minecraft Mob Shop
Welcome to my latest shop, where you can buy images of Minecraft animals and mobs to go in the Items box below your signature! In order to buy one, simply make a post specifying the following three things about your item: 
  • Type of mob: Select from list below
  • Name: Give your Minecraft mob a name! Must be 20 characters or less. 
  • Basic or Customized: Choose between the following:
    • Basic - The mob will appear exactly as it does in the table below, without any editing (Costs less); 
    • Customized - I'll re-colour the image, add weapons, etc. upon request. (Please specify what you want me to change on it!)
The full list of available animals can be found below. I excluded the Blaze because I couldn't get it to look decent, and most of the others (e.g. Enderman, Horse) because they were too large, but most of the small or medium-sized ones are here: 

CJ's Minecraft Mob Shop
Mob namePreviewBasic price Customized price
Cat[Image: cat.png]100CC200CC
Chicken[Image: chicken.png]75CC150CC
Cow[Image: cow.png]100CC200CC
Creeper[Image: creeper.png]200CC400CC
Dog[Image: dog.png]150CC300CC
Pig[Image: pig.png]75CC150CC
Rabbit[Image: rabbit.png]50CC100CC
Sheep[Image: sheep.png]100CC200CC
Silverfish[Image: silverfish.png]75CC150CC
Skeleton[Image: skeleton.png]100CC200CC
Slime[Image: slime.png]100CC200CC
Spider[Image: spider.png]100CC200CC
Squid[Image: squid.png]100CC200CC
Villager[Image: villager.png]125CC250CC
Zombie[Image: zombie.png]100CC200CC
Copyright: All images used to create these items are copyright Mojang AB. This shop is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mojang; however, I believe that the purpose for which I am using Mojang's assets falls within their Brand Guidelines, as outlined here

Enjoy your new items :)
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No horse? :P 

I'd love to have a black-and-white (aka paint) horse. I'd name him Pinto. Haha.
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