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Abbey Road cover is 50 years old today

Thousands of fans made a pilgrimage to London's Abbey Road 50 years after the Beatles walked over its zebra crossing for the cover of the last album the band recorded.

The band was pictured striding across the road the album was named after on 8 August 1969.

Jaime Garri, 61, flew more than 14 hours from Santiago, Chile, to mark the 50th anniversary.

"You have to say thank you to them for giving us such lovely music," he said.

The image of John Lennon, Sir Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney and George Harrison outside the EMI Studios in St John's Wood is one of music's most iconic moments.

Well, the street certainly doesn't seem to have changed too much in the last 50 years - although, the vehicles certainly have :P .

I'm glad the fans got their chance to celebrate, but it must have been a pain for the people trying to go to work -_- ...
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