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Germany returns 500-year-old cross to Namibia
Germany Namibia

The German Historical Museum has announced it will return a 15th century monument to Namibia after it was taken during the colonial era.

The Stone Cross is a Portuguese navigation landmark placed on the southwest African coastline in 1486.

But when the area was under German colonial control in the 1890s, the cross was taken and moved to Europe.

Namibia asked for its return in 2017 and on Friday, the Berlin museum formally agreed to the request.

Germany has pledged to return artefacts and human remains to its former colonies.

Wow, looks like European museums have been busy with the restitution claims lately :O .

I have to admit, I'm a little bit surprised that this is of such sentimental value to Namibia, since it was built by the Portuguese. However, I guess it had been there for so long that it had effectively become part of the fabric of the nation - so, it's pleasing to see it being put back where it was for all those centuries.
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