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Abbey Road returns to No. 1 after 50 years

The Beatles' Abbey Road has returned to number one in the UK, 50 years after it first topped the album charts.

The Fab Four reclaimed the top spot with an expanded anniversary edition.

The feat also sees the album set a record - the gap of 49 years and 252 days since its initial chart-topping run ended in early 1970 is the longest gap before returning to number one.

"It's hard to believe that Abbey Road still holds up after all these years," tweeted Sir Paul McCartney on Friday.

"But then again it's a bloody cool album," he added.

To be honest, I don't know whether this says more about the enduring appeal of the Beatles, or the fact that albums in general aren't very popular these days :P .

Either way, well done to them :) .
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The Beatles were great and most modern music is not, so yeah.
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