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Storm Naming System Contest - Kyng - 11-13-2020

As you might well be aware, the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season has had an unusually large number of named storms. We've run out of human names - and now, we've moved on to using Greek letters (with Tropical Storm Iota set to become the 30th named storm of the year).

But, what if we run out of Greek letters? It's very unlikely to occur (we'd need 45 named storms in order for that to happen), but there's actually no official policy for if it does happen. So, in this contest, all you need to do is think of something :lol: !

Just a few rules:

Good luck :) !

RE: Storm Naming System Contest - Spook of the lost - 11-13-2020

Suggestion 1: Names of various Deities on a rotating system of religions, 1st time around it's greek gods, second time it's roman, third time it's norse, etc.

Personally I think Hurricane Thor sounds kinda epic for a catagory 6 hurricane :P.

Suggestion 2: Names of various Storm chasers and storm scientists.

(edited because it seemed too encompassing)

Suggestion 3: Numeric Designations like how we name stars, for example.

Storm 1, Category 5, Ocean A for Atlantic, and year 2020.

so 15A2020.

this can be scaled infinitely.

so 203A2020 would be a category 3 hurricane and the 20th such storm in the year 2020 occurring in the Atlantic ocean.

RE: Storm Naming System Contest - Kyng - 11-13-2020

Well, I think I'm going to add a new rule here, against suggestions that are too broad. So, for example, "Harry Potter characters" would be fine; however, "Fictional characters" would be too broad, and it would lock out a lot of interesting suggestions that other people might come up with.

(All of @ Spook of the lost's current suggestions are fine; however, one of his original ones (from before he edited his post) would have been considered too broad :P )

RE: Storm Naming System Contest - Kirkburn - 11-14-2020

My suggestion is the names of various Pokemon-so far there's around 850 of them so we'd have a plentiful selection.

Another possibility might be to use the names of different openings in chess.

RE: Storm Naming System Contest - Shadow Seesaw - 11-14-2020

Sailor Moon Characters (Japanese Names) 
There's a lot of amazing Sailor Moon Japanese names that would make really cool names for storms.

RE: Storm Naming System Contest - Kyng - 11-21-2020

Only two days left to enter!

RE: Storm Naming System Contest - Kyng - 11-24-2020

The contest has closed - and, the poll is over here: