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Old Trafford modified for social distancing - Kyng - 10-28-2020

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Manchester United have modified Old Trafford to accommodate 23,500 socially distanced spectators, and say they are "bemused" by the ongoing ban on fans at stadiums.

The government had proposed crowds be gradually reintroduced from the start of October but made a U-turn following a rise in coronavirus cases.

"We received government guidelines," said Collette Roche, United's chief operating officer. "I'm convinced that we would be able to [accommodate fans] safely."

Last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new restrictions were likely to remain in place for the next six months.

The financial impact of the pandemic has severely affected several sports and teams, including United who suffered a £70m drop in expected revenue in the period to 30 June 2020 as a direct result of it.

Well, this was quite unfortunate timing: given that we're in the middle of a massive COVID spike, I don't expect there will be much more re-opening any time soon (and I certainly hope not). Even when they do re-open, I hope they don't go straight to a 23.5k crowd: I think it'd be more responsible to start with a smaller crowd, and then increase if it's safe to do so.

Still, whenever they do get to use this, I hope it all works out :) !