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Nike - Shiny Star - 01-27-2020

Nike is a popular sports brand that I am pretty sure everyone here has heard of. Who here owns products from Nike? If so, what?

I used to love Nike shoes growing up. I own a pair of Blazers, Air Max (forgot which ones), SBs, Air Forces and more recently Air Force Jordans. I also own two Nike sports bras. I think that the quality is great and it's even better when you're able to snag the kids' sizes (I'm the biggest size for juniors).

So, what about you?

RE: Nike - Kyng - 01-27-2020

Wow, after all the Nike shoe spam that's been started by spambots over the years... we finally have a legitimate topic about them :lol: !

I don't have any of their shoes, though: I don't care enough about my feet to buy anything from these 'brand names' :P .

RE: Nike - Rincewind - 01-27-2020

I have some pretty neat red and black snickers from the brand.