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Purple Origin enhanced - Kyng - 09-26-2019

On the old board, we had a Pokémon theme designed by @ Detective Osprey, which was named 'Purple Origin'. At her request, this was converted to MyBB on the new board. Unfortunately, something was lost in the conversion: it was, for the most part, just a generic purple theme with the occasional Pokémon image here and there :( . In the end, it just got eclipsed by my later efforts (such as Golden Night).

So, we've run a little project to bring this theme up to standard with the rest of them. This project included the following:

So, that's the revised theme :D . If you're still seeing the old one, then the previous CSS files may still be in your cache - so, try a Hard Refresh (CTRL + F5) to get rid of these.

Special thanks go to @ Nilla for creating most of the images, and also to @ Oscar, @ Gaomon274 and Osprey for their input on this project :) .

Enjoy :D !