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Asperger's AQ Test - Kyng - 07-04-2018

I'm pretty sure I posted this on the old board at some point - but, since I saw it again recently, I might as well re-post it here:

Work through the statements, and rank each one on a four-point scale of "Definitely Agree", "Slightly Agree", "Slightly Disagree" or "Definitely Disagree". This will give you a score out of 50, which can be interpreted as follows: 

  • 0-11 low result – indicating no tendency at all towards autistic traits.
  • 11-21 is the average result that people get (many women average around 15 and men around 17)
  • 22-25 shows autistic tendencies slightly above the population average
  • 26-31 gives a borderline indication of an autism spectrum disorder. It is also possible to have aspergers or mild autism within this range.
  • 32-50 indicates a strong likelihood of Asperger syndrome or autism.
I got 37 myself. Hardly surprising :P .

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - Ravenfreak - 07-05-2018

I got 31 myself. I've always felt that I might be on the spectrum a little bit, but I've never actually been diagnosed by a doctor.

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - Nilla - 07-05-2018

I got 20. I don't have a specific autism diagnosis but I am on the spectrum.

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - MegaphoneStallone - 07-05-2018


RE: Asperger's AQ Test - Shiny Star - 07-05-2018

I scored 16. It's pretty standard for the average person. My younger brother has diagnosed Autism and went to a special school and stuff so that's interesting.

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - queenzelda - 07-05-2018

I scored a 6.

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - Jarkko - 07-05-2018

41. :P I shouldn't be surprised - was diagnosed with AS just shy of my 20th birthday.

Some of these were tough. So many of those questions have context-dependent answers for me.

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - Pyrite - 07-05-2018

I got 40. :P 

I'm actually on the waiting list for getting diagnosed properly sometime this year.

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - Detective Osprey - 07-06-2018

I got 35. I was diagnosed when I was a child.

RE: Asperger's AQ Test - Dapocalypse - 07-11-2018