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100,000 posts! - Kyng - 09-07-2019

For the past few days now, we've been closing in on 100,000 posts. I know at least one member has misread this as "TCH is closing after making 100,000 posts" - so, I have to clarify that we're not :P . We made that magic milestone today - and, I'm please to announce that we have no plans to go anywhere!

Here's the obligatory commemorative screenshot:

[Image: HNOPPFY.png]

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us get here - and now, it's time for us to lead the board to even greater heights :) !

RE: 100,000 posts! - Megan - 09-07-2019

Woot! Congrats!

Shame all these posts aren't all about ferrets... Ferret

RE: 100,000 posts! - Shiny Star - 09-07-2019

Nice one guys. 100,000 is a big achievement and we couldn’t have reached that goal without everyone. Here’s to more posts!

RE: 100,000 posts! - GrieferLord - 09-07-2019

obligatory post for milestone to appease the meatbags. it didnt take that long to get here either, wonder how long till 200k?

RE: 100,000 posts! - Lurkerish Allsorts - 09-07-2019

You need to figure out which post it was now. :P

RE: 100,000 posts! - JHG - 09-07-2019

I must be dreaming.

RE: 100,000 posts! - Kyng - 09-07-2019

(09-07-2019, 08:19 PM)Lurker101 Wrote: You need to figure out which post it was now. :P

I believe it was this one :P .

(I know that one of Megan's RPG posts was the 100,001st, and that one had post ID 100,807 - so, I just found the one with post ID 100,806 :lol: )

RE: 100,000 posts! - kawaii - 09-09-2019

Congratulations on your milestone guys, glad that you're making the most of what MyBB has to offer. :)