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World of Warcraft Classic - Kyng - 08-26-2019

The hit video game World of Warcraft (WoW) is going back to basics with the launch of WoW Classic this evening.

First released in 2004, the online multi-player game has evolved and changed dramatically over the years.

Many players had asked developer Blizzard Entertainment to revive the original version of the game, known as "classic" or "vanilla" WoW.

While not identical to the original, WoW Classic will replicate a majority of the features from the first game.

World of Warcraft is a fantasy game in which players roam the virtual world, fighting monsters and completing quests.

Well, according to the release schedule, it's coming out this evening in some parts of the world, with the rest getting it tomorrow. Shouldn't be too long to wait, though.

The question is, will it succeed? I think that it'll need to offer more than just nostalgia in order to survive in the long term: people will come for nostalgia, but they won't stay for it. To get these people to stay long-term, the game will need to stand on its own merits - but, will it be able to do that?

RE: World of Warcraft Classic - Gaomon274 - 08-26-2019

I think it will do very well in the short term. You get it free if you have a subscription to regular WoW and it offers a way back to the past for those that played then, those that missed out, and those who want to relive the old maps that were mostly remade or altered in Cataclysm (with some adjustments made after that too).

The US and EU regions have had to see the server roster expand and that's just from preregistration of characters.
Now the game isn't 100% available out the door, only pieces are there. They're going to do 4 or so pushes of unlocks to allow some progression and fight off stagnation.
The question is can it hang on after the content pushes and if enough people can handle Classic's mechanics and class designs which compared to modern WoW are clunky, tedious, or nonsensical.

RE: World of Warcraft Classic - Crooked Crow - 08-26-2019

Lol I hate Activision-Blizzard. You goofs already destroyed this game- you hemorrhaged over 90% of your playerbase, 12m in WoTLK, down to 900k in BFA- people wanted classic servers for years and years and years Blizzard! But you know because you so badly shit the bed, that you'd do anything to keep your disgruntled and angry playerbase from leaving.

Vanilla is dead in the water within 2 years. People are so used to instant gratification and being able to grind things at your own pace, to go back to the extremely tedious, clunky, and unbalanced game that was Vanilla. This isn't 2004 anymore. Flying mounts, achievements, fun things to collect and do, all became a thing in Burning Crusade- about 13 years ago. Vanilla was about 40m raids, in which you HAD to roll specific specs as classes- so if you were a Shaman? You rolled Restoration. You were a Paladin? You were Holy. You played Warrior? Your ass tanked. Hunter? Your ass was Beast Mastery. The list goes on.

Or you did PvP- rated arenas weren't a thing yet, so no 3's. You had to do Rated BG's and grind your titles that way. And by grind, I mean, you grinded. Vanilla is just one big, freaking grind, and the average person had enough of that bullshit if they really did play Vanilla. And 40m raids on 2004 era computers? The lag was so bad, guys.

RE: World of Warcraft Classic - Kyng - 08-26-2019

Yeah... if they haven't updated the mechanics at all since 2004, then it's probably going to compare very poorly to modern games. Which means a lot of people will probably play it for a little bit, until they've had their fill of nostalgia, and then they'll go back to whatever they were doing before. A "Come for the X, stay for the Y" strategy works, but not if there's no "Y" to stay for.

On the other hand, if it did have significant updates to the mechanics... then, that would weaken the nostalgic appeal, which is pretty much all that's drawing people in to begin with. Again, the "Come for the X, stay for the Y" strategy would fail here - but this time, because there would be no "X" to come for.

I guess there's not a lot of harm in trying, but I'm not sure if it's even possible to please the nostalgic crowd here (as it is with a lot of nostalgic crowds, who remember things as being better than they actually were). The only way to please them will be to make the game exactly as it exists in their memories - which is impossible.

RE: World of Warcraft Classic - Gaomon274 - 08-26-2019

Minus some quality of life changes the two will be similar on the basics.
The main thing that changes over the years is each class and spec will see its core rotation tweaked or sometimes completely thrown out.

The big draw will be experiencing the dungeons, raids, quests, and zones that were either altered or removed over the years.
(Large swaths of Classic were removed and altered in Cataclysm, some dungeons and raids were altered or removed in almost all expansions starting in Wrath of the Lich King, etc)
Some are interested in some QoL being tossed out (mostly the group finders and cross-server interaction), having to grind more for various things, and trying out the original class designs (as awkward and unbalanced they might be) back then as well.

Basically if you like one, you'll enjoy the other for the most part. Now if you've never played the game and jump in you might feel that it's old and outdated but that's understandable given its 15 years old.