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Highest-grossing movies - Kyng - 08-22-2019

There are 41 movies that have grossed over $1 billion at the international box office, as of August 2019. You have 5 minutes in which to name as many as you can (although, due to the proliferation of sequels, you only need to name one for each franchise, and then the rest in that franchise will be filled in).

I got 25 out of 41. How did you do?


RE: Highest-grossing movies - Jarkko - 08-23-2019

20/41. I gave up. I'm a linguist, not a movie buff. :P

RE: Highest-grossing movies - Chipster of Redstone - 08-23-2019

15/41.  I'm not really surprised, considering I saw less than 10 of the 41.