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New UNESCO World Heritage sites (Babylon etc) - Kyng - 07-06-2019

Iraq Iraq

RUINS OF BABYLON, Iraq (Reuters) - The ancient city of Babylon, first referenced in a clay tablet from the 23rd century B.C., was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Friday, after a vote that followed decades of lobbying by Iraq.

The vote, at a UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, made the ancient Mesopotamian city on the Euphrates River the sixth world heritage site within the borders of a country known as a cradle of civilization.

Iraqi President Barham Salih said the city, now an archaeological ruin, was returned to its “rightful place” in history after years of neglect by previous leaders.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi also welcomed the news.

“Mesopotamia is truly the pillar of humanity’s memory and the cradle of civilization in recorded history,” he said.

I'm surprised it's taken this long, really. I can only assume it's because there's not a lot left of the original ruins - and, while the replicas look spectacular, they're not really the same.

Let's just hope more violence doesn't break out over the coming years!

RE: Babylon gains UNESCO World Heritage status - Dust Bowl - 07-06-2019

I'm surprised, too.

I mean, what were they waiting for? The fact that they were in Iraq should have hurried them up, but nope.

RE: Babylon gains UNESCO World Heritage status - Detective Osprey - 07-06-2019

Glad it’s on UNESCO. Bout time.

RE: Babylon gains UNESCO World Heritage status - Kyng - 07-06-2019

Apparently, Babylon isn't the only new one. Some of the other new UNESCO world heritage sites this year include:

  • Myanmar Bagan, Myanmar
  • France French Austral Lands and Seas
  • India Jaipur City, India
  • Japan Mounded Tombs, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Laos Plain of Jars, Laos (see this thread)
  • Iceland Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

The UNESCO committee is still in session until Wednesday, so there could be a few more to come too!

RE: Babylon gains UNESCO World Heritage status - Kyng - 07-07-2019

And another location has been added. This time, it's Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire:

Good to see them on the list, though I still haven't forgiven them for taking out their planetarium >_< .