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Curiosity rover - Kyng - 06-24-2019

Cross-posted from the old board:

Curiosity is a rover operated by NASA, sent to Mars in order to investigate the Martian geology (for signs of past life or future habitability by humans). It arrived on Mars in August 2012, and it was originally supposed to operate until 2014; however, as of 2019, it's still going strong :) . You'll see in the thread on the old board that we covered it quite a bit between 2012-13 (with one final post in 2018); however, since it's still doing useful and interesting science, I thought I'd cross-post that thread onto here and get it going again :P .

Apparently, the rover recently found a large concentration of methane. This is particularly intriguing, because this gas is produced in large quantities by life on Earth:

This doesn't prove the existence of life on Mars, since methane can also be produced by non-organic processes; however, I'd be interested to learn more!

RE: Curiosity rover - Kyng - 06-27-2019

And, as quickly as it came, the methane is gone again:

Scientists are still none the wiser. One theory, however, is that it comes from a reservoir deep underground, which may have been created by life in the distant past...

RE: Curiosity rover - Detective Osprey - 07-12-2019

Wow... I think it might habour life. That's amazing.

RE: Curiosity rover - Kyng - 10-07-2019

Seems like it's found some mineral salts, which are evidence of an ancient oasis:

Nice :) . I wonder how common these are?

RE: Curiosity rover - Kyng - 11-14-2019

This rover's made quite an interesting discovery. The concentration of oxygen in the Martian atmosphere has risen by 30% in spring and summer:

There's no explanation for this yet - and the eventual explanation for it is likely to be geological in nature - however, they can't yet rule out an explanation involving microbial life. Either way, I'll be interested to see what it is!