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BBCode Reference - Kyng - 06-09-2019

Throughout the forums, you'll see all kinds of formatted text in people's posts. Some text will be big, or small, or coloured; it might link to another page; it might come with images or videos; or you might even see people posting tweets or Pokémon on here! This post is intended as a complete guide on how to do all of that (I say 'intended', because I've included everything I can think of, but I suspect I've missed a couple of things :lol: ).

For your convenience, I've divided it into seven sections:

  1. Basic text formatting;
  2. More advanced text formatting;
  3. Quote, code, and spoiler boxes;
  4. Images and videos;
  5. Lists and tables;
  6. Social Media embeds;
  7. Miscellaneous

Since this guide is just intended as a reference, it's not exactly a page-turner - so, it's probably best to go to the section you need, rather than reading it all from start to finish. As such, I've spoilered each section, so you can open it up individually:

1. Basic Text Formatting (Bold, italics, underlining, etc.)

2. More advanced text formatting (alignments, sizes, superscripts, subscripts)

3. Quote, Code and Spoiler Boxes

4. Images and Videos

5. Lists and Tables

6. Social Media Embeds

7. Miscellaneous (Pokémon, flags, horizontal lines, FontAwesome icons)

So, that's the end of this guide to our BBCode. If you have any questions, or you can think of anything we've missed, then just let me know. Otherwise, have fun posting images and videos and links and whatever else you want to post :D !

RE: BBCode Reference - Detective Osprey - 06-09-2019

Ah, looks nice!

RE: BBCode Reference - Moonshroom - 06-09-2019

This is awful... ly useful.

Awesome work CJ!

RE: BBCode Reference - Megan - 06-09-2019

This should be super helpful!

RE: BBCode Reference - Kyng - 08-17-2019

I've updated this with a link to an online BBCode table generator, which works with the setup that we've got on here. This makes life much easier for anybody who wants to post tables on TCH.

I feel like I should include a link to this above, below, or to the side of the editor somewhere - although, I don't have any real preference as to where :P .

RE: BBCode Reference - Kyng - 03-06-2022

I've added the [icon] tag, for FontAwesome icons.

Also got rid of the GIFV and WebM tags, since those were never used; the GIFV can be done with [img] tags anyway; and the member who asked for these tags has been gone for three years anyway :P .

RE: BBCode Reference - Kyng - 07-13-2022

Added a link to the full Table Guide, which I completely forgot we had :lol: .

RE: BBCode Reference - Kyng - 12-18-2022

Since this thread is so long, I've broken it down into spoilers :P .

I've also added the [flag] tag, which allows you to post any of my CaffEnsigns flag emoticons (including the historical/regional flags and the sports flags that are listed in separate threads). For example, [flag=bavaria] will get you the flag of Bavaria:

Have fun :) !

RE: BBCode Reference - Kyng - 08-19-2023

I have made a few updates to this:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these updates :D .

RE: BBCode Reference - Emerald - 08-21-2023

Thank you for the update Kyng