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Favourite Kalos Pokémon? - Detective Osprey - 05-25-2019

My favourites are Talonflame, Meowstic, 10% Zygarde, Chesnaught, Greninja, Delphox, Heliolisk, Gogoat, Dragalge, Aegislash, Aurorus and Yveltal. 

What about you?

RE: Favourite Kalos Pokémon? - Pyrite - 05-25-2019

Vivillon is my favourite Kalos Pokémon. It's a very adorable Pokémon from an underappreciated type. Of course, it has all those cool different varieties which kind of harkens back to real life butterfly catchers and spotters, and having just the one in your team gives your playthrough even more uniqueness.

Then there's the fact that it gets access to Compound Eyes, which increases accuracy of moves. So suddenly a Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Hurricane, Bug Buzz/Dream Eater set becomes something that's actually quite viable, even in competitive play.

My personal experience using a Vivillon was also a big factor for me. Mine was called Piccolo - she's a Garden Pattern Vivillon. She was in my Pokémon X team for the whole journey, but with the ability Shield Dust (not great, not terrible, but no Compound Eyes!). At the end of the game, at the Battle Maison, I learned that there was an item you could buy for 100 battle points that would allow me to switch her ability. So, after a lot of battling, I was able to do this. Now, whenever I boot up the game, I wreck havoc on my foes with her awesome ability and moveset.

All in all, Vivillon is one of the most memorable Pokémon to me overall, and the added story cements it as my Kalos favourite.

RE: Favourite Kalos Pokémon? - Reyzadren - 05-27-2019

Klefki <3

It's even in my favourite 6 pokemon list.

RE: Favourite Kalos Pokémon? - LadyJirachu - 06-15-2019

Hawlucha and Sylveon!!!! :P

And Mega Lucario too if Megas count xD

RE: Favourite Kalos Pokémon? - Greninlucarizardlup - 08-24-2019

Greninja, Hawlucha, Talonflame and Meowstic.