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Reyzadren's social media - Reyzadren - 01-13-2019

My social media activity is scattered across the Internet. I usually upload stuff to my Soundcloud profile and Youtube channel, but there are others too. This thread collates the links here, so that they can be easily viewed.

For this first post, I shall show 2 of my more recent songs that I made, both with a slightly different style.

This 1st song contains my usual way of making songs with an audio software. (Genre: Soundtrack)

Soundcloud: Vestige Overlook (audio link)
Quote:"There was once a grand structure up ahead. It could be a stadium for the great race, or a rocket launch station, on cliffheights above the shelter of boats whirling. But it's not there any more. You are standing at the edge, at the vestige overlook."

This 2nd song is performed by a live group.

Soundcloud: Symbolic Chamber (non-live version)
Quote:"First, there were animal paintings, but as she walked through the chamber, geometrical symbols started to appear. They were written on the wall, living in the moment with stories of them all, standing in their homeland with symbols from above. Step into the chamber with claypots and electromechanical generators! However, don't look at the symbols too deeply like she did, as finally, the chamber breaks her mind."

RE: Reyzadren's social media - Kyng - 01-14-2019

Nice work :D

How long does it typically take you to make these?

RE: Reyzadren's social media - Reyzadren - 01-14-2019

Usually, I mull around with the ideas for several months, adding or editing bits and pieces onto a song or multiple songs before finalising it.

However, if we're talking about just using the software to produce the audio, it's usually 3 days straight in the room, or around 30+ total hours.

RE: Reyzadren's social media - Kyng - 01-14-2019

Wow, longer than I thought :O . It's time well-spent though, because the end result is impressive!

Do you have any more planned?

RE: Reyzadren's social media - Reyzadren - 01-15-2019

Yes, there will be a few more uploads as we approach the completion of the "3rd album" soon, though that itself would span a few months ahead in the near future.

RE: Reyzadren's social media - Kyng - 01-18-2019

Sounds good :)

So, how will this third album differ from the previous two? (I'm guessing you won't want to give too much away here :P )

RE: Reyzadren's social media - Reyzadren - 01-18-2019

I already did start to upload stuff from the 3rd album, it's the grey album, but I'll answer your question anyway :P

The difference is that this 3rd album has some songs that feature collaboration with other people (as heard above), which requires a slightly adjusted skillset that is more teamwork-oriented.