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Shadiversity's Pop Culture/Fantasy Videos - JHG - 12-19-2018

Greetings it's Shad, the youtube channel for all your fiction, historical weapons and laugh needs!

Shad's videos cover two main subjects:

  1. Real-world history (e.g. his "Medieval Misconceptions" series, correcting common misunderstandings about Medieval history);
  2. Pop culture (e.g. movie reviews, and "Would this character's weapon work well in real life?" types of videos).

This thread is dedicated to the 2nd category (i.e. "Would this movie character's weapon work well in real life?", and other pop culture videos). Any "Medieval Misconceptions", and other videos about real-world history, should instead be placed in the thread linked below:

>>> Thread about Shad's history videos <<<

If you'd like to find out more about Shad, here's his channel:

RE: Shadiversity - Kyng - 12-20-2018

I've seen this channel around - it often seems to appear in my Recommended lists - but I haven't seen many of his videos. I keep meaning to, but it seems other channels often take precedence :P

However, now that this thread's been posted, I've decided to take a look. I started with his video on why time travel is almost never done right in fiction: 

A bit of a confusing video, but still interesting. I certainly agree on Back to the Future: while they're very entertaining movies, I do have to stop myself from thinking too hard about how they would work in reality!

RE: Shadiversity - Kyng - 03-23-2019

Here's an interesting one from today, on the subject of "What fantasy gets WRONG about medieval weapons": 

There were a few things here that I knew already (for example, I knew that the longsword was a two-handed weapon); however, most of this was new to me!

RE: Shadiversity - JHG - 05-31-2019

His theme song’s pretty cool too: 

RE: Shadiversity - Kyng - 05-31-2019

Yep, I definitely agree there. It does fit him rather well :) !

It took me a while to get into this channel, but now that I've watched a few of his videos (especially the ones about Medieval castles), he's become one of my favourite YouTubers. I really like his subject matter, and I think his videos are about the right length: they're usually 15-20 minutes long, which is long enough to go into some depth, but short enough to avoid boredom. Also, his style appeals to me: he gives off the appearance of an enthusiast, who's doing this because of his own enjoyment rather than to boost his own ego (even when he's responding to someone else, he doesn't try to 'pwn' them or anything: he just calmly tries to set them in the right direction)

There's still a long backlog of videos I haven't watched yet. Like I said, my favourite videos are the castle ones, because those are the ones I can relate to most, but I'm sure I'll get to the others too!

RE: Shadiversity - Kyng - 09-09-2019

I love this one. It's about how the Diamond Sword from Minecraft would have fared in the real world :lol: .

Despite the pixelated Minecraftiness of it, there were actually some things he liked about it :O ! Indeed, he was able to re-design it in such a way that it corrected the main flaws, while still retaining much of its 'Minecrafty' character:

I have to admit, I'd always thought of the diamond sword (and pickaxe, and so on) just being iron tools coated in diamond, rather than being made out of solid diamond themselves. (Yes, I know the crafting recipes for diamond tools don't use iron - but, I figured that was just abstracted away!)

RE: Shadiversity's Pop Culture/Fantasy Videos - JHG - 01-09-2023

According to this, Jedi should be fighting more like Zorro than zweihänder users:

RE: Shadiversity's Pop Culture/Fantasy Videos - JHG - 05-01-2024

See Rey get roasted-no cremated!

Sloppy stances, just sorta waving the lightsaber like it's some sort of stick, and only survives because the Red Guard's weapons vanish for no reason? My grandma hits harder than that!