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Power Rangers Free Spirit: Secrets Revealed Bios - Tiger Eyes - 06-10-2024

In here, we can post bios for the characters.

Here is Mandy's.
 [Image: xSa7xl7.png]

Parents: Kyle Bergstrom(Adoptive Father/Biological Uncle), Jennifer Bergstrom(Biological Mother), Tom Bergstrom(Biological Father), Sharon Bergstrom(Stepmother)

Siblings: Alex(Maternal Half-Brother), Drew(Maternal Half-Brother), Kylie(Paternal Half-Sister), Daniele(Paternal Half-Sister)
Relationships: Vinnie(Deceased Husband), Ian(Deceased Boyfriend)

Children: Luke(Son)

Ranger Designation: White FS Ranger

Genetic Power: Telekensis

Gear: White Spirit Gem, Wrist Morpher, Wrist Communicator

Weapons: Spirit Blade (side-arm pistol and baton), Tiger Bo-Staff

Zords: White Tiger Zord, FS Megazord

Personality: Mandy is a classic overachiever. She can pretty much do anything she sets her mind to.  She is also highly intelligent and a gifted athlete.  She has trained in karate as well as gymnastics ever since she was five years old.  She began competing in swimming when she was six years old.  Her original dream was to go to the olympics, but this was cut short when she was taken captive at the age of fourteen by Goldar in Angel Grove. It was here, her biological father, Tom learned of his brother's true evil ways. He also worked to get his daughter back by asking for the help of Zordon's MMPR team.  It was at this time, the Bergstroms met the MMPR team and learned their identities.  

Mandy also can be emotional at times due to the drama in her life.  She had lost her mother at a very young age and because of it, she became more of a tomboy instead of a girly-girl lifestyle.  

Appearance: Mandy is tall with brown hair and green eyes. She dresses in jeans and either t-shirts of jean shorts. She does wear either jackets or sweatshirts. Usually she wears a white sweatshirt over a lavender t-shirt or tank top. She also usually wears white running shoes.