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Christian Books - slooroo - 01-15-2024

I keep asking people this in AMAs so I should just make a spot where people can throw their favorite Christian authors at me. Some I've read, most I haven't. I like learning though.

RE: Christian Books - Pyrite - 01-15-2024

I love commentaries, particularly ones done by Stuart Olyott, who is my favourite author. His book called I Wish Someone Would Explain Hebrews to Me does exactly what it says on the tin and is a personal favourite!

Pilgrim's Progress is another one I love, particularly for its illustrations of the Christian life through various characters and incidents.

And you can't very well go wrong with the works of famous theologians CS Lewis, John Calvin and Charles Spurgeon!

RE: Christian Books - Jarkko - 01-16-2024

Pyrite gave some good suggestions.

As I said in my AMA, RC Sproul. I think you'd also like his sense of humour ;)

John Owen is renowned in Reformed circles. He was a very prolific author. I'm also going to start working through some of my other books on covenant theology, so I'll tell you if they're any good. I'd recommend biographies too. Not just of guys like Luther, Calvin, Owen, etc., but of guys like Adoniram Judson, Cameron Townsend, DL Moody, George Whitefield, the Wesleys (as much as I disagree with some of the finer points of their theology), John MacArthur (ditto), etc. Some of the more Pentecostal/Charismatic-leaning folk will disagree with me on this, but Justin Peters and Costi Hinn are worth reading.

Finally, I would recommend reading some of the confessions of the faith. There are the Augsburg Confession and Book of Concord (Lutheran), the Three Forms of Unity (Belgic Confession, Canons of Dort, Heidelberg Cat.; these are continental Reformed), the 1689 London Confession (Reformed Baptist), and/or the Westminster Confession (Presbyterian/sometimes Reformed Anglican).

RE: Christian Books - slooroo - 01-19-2024

Gracias for all recommendations. It'll keep me busy at Goodwills and Christian bookstores. I just finished one that talked about the church fathers and it was interesting to hear the perspectives of different church fathers and the differences between east vs west, the Alexandria school vs Antioch school and so on. So next on my religious book side I'll start All Of Grace by Charles Spurgeon since I checked my bookcases for what I had and noticed it (and apparently bought it for almost nothing at the local Christian bookstore because they had it marked down to like 90% off)

RE: Christian Books - Cool Cory - 03-06-2024

My favourites that I've read and I'd suggest are:

- My How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life (by amie Kern Lima Worthy) Borrowed this one from a library lately, and loved it!
- Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? (by Rick Warren) 
- Mere Christianity (by C. S. Lewis) Classic book!

-Gospel Life (by John Owen). 

- Staying In The Boat (By Jeff Lucas).

RE: Christian Books - JHG - 03-14-2024

I’m a little embarrassed: I only know Narnia and heard of Space Trilogy aka Star Trek with 200% extra Jesus.