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Frutiger Aero - Violet - 01-07-2023

I came across a Frutiger Aero video a few weeks ago and it brings me so much nostalgia. Reminds me of being in around 2005 up until maybe around 2011. I didn't really pay attention or get involved in that whole aesthetic because I was quiet young back then but I still do remember the vibes and everything, it was really nice. 



I really like their channel too :)

RE: Frutiger Aero - Kyng - 01-07-2023

Since I just made a thread about flat design in the new "Tutorials and Creative Discussion" section, and Frutiger Aero is essentially what flat design replaced (at least in terms of UI design), I think it'd make sense to have both threads together. So, I'll put this in there with it :) .

As for my thoughts on the design aesthetic itself... I rather like it :D . Maybe some of that's nostalgia: it's what happened to be dominant when I was growing up, in my teenage and student years. But maybe it's also because, to my eye, it's still the most 'modern' design aesthetic out there (all we've had since then is flat design, which to me, often looks even older than the design aesthetics it replaced!)