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Introduction to Alternate History and 'What Ifs' - Kyng - 06-17-2018

You may notice that some forums have threads with the 'What If?' thread prefix, which is used to denote threads concerning hypothetical scenarios. In particular, the 'History and Tourism' has a lot of alternate history threads, such as this one:

[Image: Sbx5VVi.png]

So, first of all: what is "alternate history"? Basically, it's a genre of fiction consisting of stories in which some historical event happens differently from how it happened in the real world (for example, the winner of a war is changed; the war occurs earlier or later; or the war doesn't take place at all). Similar to alternate history is "counterfactual history", which also deals with these same "what-if" questions, but uses them as a subject of debate rather than as a literary device. These kinds of reasoned discussions also belong within this forum, alongside the "alternate history" timelines and stories. 

Now, here's an overview of some of the terms and abbreviations which are likely to occur frequently within alternate history threads: 

So, that should give you a good overview of the kinds of discussions that can go on in here: all of the above could be posted with a "What If?" prefix :P . The last thing to note is that this part of the board is, first and foremost, a history forum - so, I'd like to avoid current politics in this part of the board if at all possible. However, the subject of what does and doesn't constitute 'current politics' is a difficult one which is deserving of its own thread - so, I've started one over here to clarify that :) .

If you've got any questions, then feel free to ask them here. Otherwise, enjoy speculating :) !

RE: Historical What Ifs - introduction - Kyng - 05-06-2019

I've re-written the final paragraph, following the break-up of the "What If?" section, and the narrowing of the scope of this sub-forum. It's now only for historical what-if questions: those about sport now belong in Sport, and those about gaming now belong in Gaming, for example.

RE: Introduction to Alternate History and 'What Ifs' - Kyng - 09-29-2019

[Removed: These rules are no longer in effect]

RE: Introduction to Alternate History and 'What Ifs' - Kyng - 01-14-2021

Removed the section on what constitutes 'current politics'. That's been revised, and now has its own thread :P .