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Egyptian mummy digitally unwrapped - Kyng - 12-28-2021

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[Image: 4uyqt5n.jpg]
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The perfectly wrapped mummified body of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep I has been examined in "unprecedented detail" for the first time with the use of modern scanning technology.

Researchers were able to "peel off" the facemask and bandages and discover details about his appearance and the lavish jewellery he was buried with.

They said it was a "unique opportunity" to study how he had originally been mummified and also "how he had been treated and reburied twice, centuries after his death".

There has previously been a reluctance to uncover the ancient ruler's body because of its wrapping decorated with flower garlands and the life-like facemask inset with colourful stones.

The study was carried out with the use of three-dimensional computer topography scanning technology.

Well, last year, they did this with some mummified animals, so I guess a mummified human was the logical next step :lol: !

It's interesting - although, I have to wonder what Amenhotep I would have thought if he knew that researchers would do this to his mummy several thousand years after his death :ermm: ...