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Post any bugs/issues here! - Kyng - 06-12-2018

Welcome to the new Coffee House, beta testers! We hope you enjoy this place :D

Over the past month or so, we've been busy preparing this place in order to safeguard the future of our community after the TapaTalk downgrade. We've done a lot of work trying to restore features and weed out bugs - and, while this work isn't complete yet, we're far enough along that we'd like some people to test out what they've done. After all, we've probably missed things here and there, and it'd be nice for us to fix as many as we can before we launch officially. 

So, check out as many parts of the forum as you can - and, if you run into anything that doesn't look right or doesn't act right, then post it here so that we can take care of it :)

Before we start, though, I'd like to list the known issues. As I said, we haven't finished everything yet - so, I'd like to list the things that are still left to do. If you run into any of these, there's no need to report them :P
  1. We only have seven themes. It was never going to be possible to learn a new forum system, and convert all of our existing themes in such a short space of time :( . Some of the rest will be converted in the near future, and I'm aiming to have an eighth one converted before we officially open. 
  2. Lavender 2 isn't finished yet. This is purely Nilla's project, so you'll have to ask her when it's likely to be done :P
  3. We only have two responsive themes. Yeah, this is a big step back from ZB :( . However, I'll use these themes as a base for my subsequent conversions, and I intend to create my own set of responsive templates at some point for our custom themes (it's just that, if I waited for this to be complete until we moved, it would take forever!)
  4. The board loads more slowly than I would like it to. It's not as bad now as it was back then, and Kawaii has suggested further improvements, which will need to be done on Megan's end when she gets a chance. 
  5. Most of the non-Cheshire emoticons haven't been re-added yet. This is a long and tedious task, so we're saving it until last. 
  6. We don't have avatar galleries. Okay, now we do. Thanks, Nilla :)
  7. We don't have 'Go to Top' and 'Go to Bottom' buttons. We'll look into re-adding them soon. 
  8. The arcade only has eight games. We're going to add a shop where people can spend Coffee Credits to get more added. 
  9. The Official Items images are still hosted on ZetaBoards. Not any more.
  10. The WYSIWYG editor hasn't been coloured on any theme. I couldn't see how to do this; is it possible :huh: ?
  11. Cheshire emoticon backgrounds don't display in the WYSIWYG editor. See above. 
  12. The WYSIWYG editor can't do tables. Now it kind of can. 
So, I think that's all the problems I know about. I'd like to get most of them solved before we make our official switch (although they won't all be solved: there's no way we're making every theme responsive, for example!). But, if you see any other issues that aren't listed here, please post them in this thread, and we'll do our best to fix them (either before or after the switch, depending on the amount of work involved and how important we deem it to be. 

So, with that out of the way, time to get to work :P !

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Oscar - 06-13-2018

Not so much as a problem as a question. Are the avatars always going to have a black outline?

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Kyng - 06-13-2018

Not necessarily. It's not something that's there deliberately: I just wasn't really bothered by it when I made the themes, but I don't think it'll be hard to change :)

I'll put it down as an issue, and see if I can change it on the default theme tonight. Thanks!

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Deleted User 8 - 06-13-2018

Yes, I was going to mention about the forum loading slower, but to add, it lags whenever I scroll up or down (with the scroll bar that is). It also lags whenever from this tab back and forth. And also, there is a way to make the editor blend in with the themes as Universal Gaming has that in.

But other than that, it looks good so far. Can't wait for it to become a reality :)

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Oscar - 06-13-2018

Also I'm not finding an edit button to edit my posts. Is this a new user limitation or not?

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Gaomon274 - 06-13-2018

Should be on the bottom of your post.
It's next to the quote ("Reply") button.

If it's not there, maybe CJ goofed the default user group permissions.

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Deleted User 8 - 06-13-2018

Actually, I've just noticed that myself. Thanks for pointing that out, Oscar.

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Gaomon274 - 06-13-2018

*innocent whistling*

No goofs here. ;)

Does confirm non-staff can't edit posts though since you're also seeing it.

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Oscar - 06-13-2018

Also there is a minimum limit to the characters you can post. So like in counting threads you get an error when trying to post saying you must have at least 5 characters.
Nilla fixed. ;)

RE: Beta-testers: post any issues here! - Nilla - 06-13-2018

For some reason only staff could edit their posts, so I have changed it so everyone can do so. Silly CJ forgot to do that when he added member groups. Also fixed the character limit for posts. :)