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Technically true statements - Kyng - 07-08-2021

There are quite a lot of ways to craft statements that are technically true, but very misleading. For example, some take advantage of multiple definitions of words, while others leave out an important piece of information. This is a place to post such statements - and explain what's misleading about them :P .

I'll start with:

"I climb on a daily basis, and I've been up Snowdon." (That's technically true, but not because I'm a mountaineer: I climb stairs every day, and I've been up Snowdon on the train Rofl )

Do you have any more?

RE: Technically true statements - Kyng - 01-14-2022

2) Another one, courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson:

Jeremy Clarkson Wrote:Speed has never killed anybody. Suddenly being stationary, that's what gets you.

Point taken... but, "suddenly being stationary" doesn't become dangerous until you're travelling above a certain speed :lol: !

RE: Technically true statements - Kyng - 04-13-2022

Here's another one:

At World Cups and European Championships, Denmark has a higher win rate at tournaments they didn't qualify for than tournaments they did qualify for.

(They qualified for Euro 2022, so should they be worried yet :thinking: ?)

RE: Technically true statements - JHG - 04-16-2022

Technically, samurai defeated Mongols...sort of. Only a minority of Heian Japan's troops were samurai and the Mongols barely got to deploy any actual Mongol raiders; Most of the invasion force consisted of Yuan Chinese and Goryeo infantry.