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Special Contributions (Pre-Poll)

Special Contributions trophies are the highest level of award, given out to those who contribute measurably to the community in specific areas, beyond simply being active. Prior to the inclusion of Special Contributions in quarterly polls from January 2019, the following trophies were awarded:

- Mechanized (For helping to decide the structure of the Gaming category forums)
- Pyrite (For helping to decide the Bronze/Silver/Golden/Diamond Members structure)
- Denis Pick (For attracting new members through advertising, entry into inter-forum competitions and word of mouth)
- Empress (For desigining the original Coffee House banner, as well as making the gradients for the default and winter versions of the original theme)
- Nilla (For making all sorts of art for the forums, from themes and banners to buttons and avatars)
- Gaomon274 (For helping to restore themes which had been ruined by the Great PhotoBucket Nuke)
- Kohta (For helping to restore themes which had been ruined by the Great PhotoBucket Nuke)
- Pokemon73 (For assisting with setting up the Discord server, and its associated bots)

Forum Contributions (Pre-Poll)

Forum Contributions trophies are the second-highest level of award, given out to those who make outstanding contributions within a particular forum. This could involve starting a large number of relevant topics, or making in-depth and high-quality posts on the subject. Prior to the beginning of quarterly polls in January 2018, the following trophies were awarded:

- Jarkko (For consistent activity in the Sports forums, and posting two highly informative hockey threads.
- Jarkko (For writing dozens of Retro Nintendo Game Reviews, which have proven popular with other members)
- Luma Party (For contributing regularly to the gaming forms, and keeping us all up to date with the latest Yooka-Laylee news)

Forum and Special Contributions (Poll Era)

From January 2018, Forum Contributions trophies were given out via quarterly polls (with two being awarded per quarter). From January 2019, Special Contributions trophies were added as an option in these polls.

So far, the following trophies have been awarded:

- Naiwen (From the January 2018 poll)
- Jarkko (From the January 2018 poll)

- JHG (From the April 2018 poll)
- Jarkko (From the April 2018 poll)

- Detective Osprey (From the July 2018 poll)
- Gaomon274 (From the July 2018 poll)

- Pyrite (From Science September)

- .bryn (From the October 2018 poll)
- queenzelda (From the October 2018 poll)
- queenzelda (From the January 2019 poll)
- Lurker101 (From the January 2019 poll)
- Dust Bowl (From the April 2019 poll)
- MegaphoneStallone (From the April 2019 poll)
- Detective Osprey (From the July 2019 poll)
- Dust Bowl (From the July 2019 poll)
- Greninlucarizardlup (From the October 2019 poll)
- Lurker101 (From the October 2019 poll)

Staff Trophies

Staff trophies indicate current or former staff members of The Coffee House (Golden Coffee Mug), or Chess Resources Forum (Golden Rook).

- Candyguitar (Coffee House staff 2009-17, 2019: Admin, Emeritus)
- ConfitOfDuck (Coffee House staff 2009-10: Admin)
- Denis Pick (Coffee House staff 2012: Advertising Team, Arcade Team)
- Gaomon274 (Coffee House staff 2017-present: CAT)
- HeroineDark (Coffee House staff 2017-18: CAT)
- Jarkko (Coffee House staff 2014-present: Moderator, Global Mod)
- Kyng (Coffee House staff 2009-present: Owner)
- lamna (Coffee House staff 2010-14: Moderator)
- Megan (Coffee House staff 2018-present: Hosting Manager)
- Nilla (Coffee House staff 2014-present: Art Assistant, Admin)
- Detective Osprey (Coffee House staff 2009-2011, 2012-2014, 2018, 2019-present: Owner, Admin, Global Mod, Art Assistant, Emeritus)
- Oscar (Coffee House staff 2018-present: Art Assistant)
- Penguin (Coffee House staff 2009-10: Moderator)
- Pyrite (Coffee House staff 2012-present: Advertising Team, Moderator)
- Scott (Coffee House staff 2009-present: Moderator, Global Mod, Emeritus)
- Shiny Star (Coffee House staff 2011-present: Moderator)
- TimeMaster (Coffee House staff 2011-12: RPG Manager)
- Candyguitar (Chess Resources staff 2005-09: Moderator, Global Mod, Admin)
- ConfitOfDuck (Chess Resources staff 2004-09: Moderator, Global Mod, Admin)
- FalconHawk (Chess Resources staff 2008-09: Moderator)
- Hiyawoffa (Chess Resources staff 2004-08: Moderator)
- Kyng (Chess Resources staff 2004-09: Admin)
- Detective Osprey (Chess Resources staff 2005-09: Moderator, Global Mod)
- Penguin (Chess Resources staff 2006-09: Wiki Mod, Projects Manager)