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(NOTE: This RPG is set in the Asleep Universe; however it takes place within an alternate timeline which is not part of that universe's canon)

In the year 65 AGE, a dreadful cataclysm befell the Duchy of New Atlantis. The army of Lennart Kingdom - under the command of the tyrannical King Jake - launched an unprovoked attack on the Ducal Palace. The building's defences were completely overwhelmed - and Duchess Aliana and her husband Kyle were killed in a brave last stand against the invading forces. Their daughters were captured, with the intention of marrying them to Jake's generals - but they refused this terrible fate, opting instead for suicide. Many of the survivors scattered to the surrounding realms - fleeing with what they had.

From their throne room in Light Kingdom, King Conor and Queen Cheryl could only look on in horror, as a slow trickle of refugees arrived on their kingdom's shores, and brought with them the grim news of what had happened. As their realm also bordered Lennart Kingdom, they feared that they could be next. They immediately wrote to King Henrik of Kemmelreich, in an urgent request for assistance - but, to their dismay, he was only willing to help them in return for 6 million biscuits. This was simply too many - so they had to find another way.

Conor's younger daughter, Princess Lucy, had a burning desire to assist the realm in its hour of need. She was an experienced huntress, and she offered to put her marksmanship to good use by joining the military (thus following in the footsteps of her older brother Craig). Both of her parents were sympathetic to the idea; however, the kingdom's generals simply scoffed at the idea of a woman joining the army, and threatened to resign en masse in protest. As a result, Conor was left with no choice but to turn down his daughter's request.

However, Conor knew that his army, on its own, would not be strong enough to defeat the forces of Lennart Kingdom. Therefore, he gave Lucy permission to pursue an alternative solution: create a secondary army of her own. She started by recruiting her older sister Ashley, and their childhood friend Lily - and then, the three of them set off to assemble a rag-tag band of followers from across the realm. Conor wouldn't tell his own generals about this; however, he hoped that the combined strength of the two armies would be sufficient to protect the realm from suffering the same fate as New Atlantis.

This RPG will have three main pre-made characters, as follows:

Quote:Name: Lucy Glasleigh (Taken by Detective Osprey)
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Weapons/Powers: Has a hunting bow made out of ash, and a quiver of obsidian-tipped arrows. Wields a small obsidian dagger for close combat.
Physical description Is a fairly short woman, with a somewhat muscular build and straight brown hair. Usually wears dark green clothing, underneath a suit of light leather armour.
Personality: Is a very independent person, who likes to be prepared for every possible eventuality. She doesn't build trust easily, so she doesn't have very many friends; however, the few she does have are extremely close to her.

Quote:Name: Ashley Glasleigh
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Weapons/Powers: Is an accomplished herbalist, who has a keen interest in healing powers. She isn't good at mixing potions herself; however, she can provide top-quality ingredients for other people to mix into potions.
Physical description: In contrast to Lucy, Ashley is quite tall and thin, and has long red hair, which she usually ties into a pony tail. She has a variety of striking outfits; however, her favourite is a white flowery dress with gold trim, which she usually wears to dances and other celebrations.
Personality: Is quite cheerful and upbeat - especially around young men. However, she also has a mischievous streak, and often likes to play practical jokes on unsuspecting individuals.

Quote:Name: Lily
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Weapons/Powers: Is adept at knitting, painting, and sculpture. She has a variety of crafting tools - which she has adapted to serve as makeshift weapons.
Physical description: Is average height and weight, and has deep red hair (which is why she originally became friends with Ashley: they were the only two redheads in a mostly-blonde group of elves).
Personality: Is very creative, and particularly loves art. However, she's also quite temperamental, and has been known to destroy some of her creations when she decided she wasn't happy with them.

(NOTE: Lucy, Ashley and Lily are based on characters from my Sims 4 adventures. However, there's no Nina in the Asleep universe - so Lucy and Ashley are daughters of Conor and Cheryl here. As for Lily, we simply don't know or care who her parents are at this stage :P )

If you want, you can take one of the three pre-made characters, or you can invent one of your own, based on the same template. We'll start the RPG when we have four people, or in a week's time (whichever is sooner).

Have fun!
I really like the idea of Lucy. Mind if I play as her?
(10-21-2021, 06:38 PM)Detective Osprey Wrote: [ -> ]I really like the idea of Lucy. Mind if I play as her?

Of course, go ahead :) !

I'll start this RPG in three days, or when we have three people (whichever comes first)
OOC: Starting now :) . Since nobody's taken Ashley or Lily, I'll play both of those for the time being (but not necessarily both at the same time: unless both of them have a reason to speak, most of my posts will just feature one or the other :P )

BIC: Lily stared at her latest creation - through bloodshot eyes. She was deeply dissatisfied with what she had made - which in and of itself wasn't unusual, but this time, she seemed especially unhappy.

Perhaps this was because, like everyone else, anxious about the possibility of an impending invasion. She had, of course, heard about her sister's plans to create an army of her own - but she considered herself neither strong enough nor brave enough to participate. However, she did agree to help out as best she could - by creating a war banner.

She'd spent all week on it - but all she'd been able to muster was a white, angry-faced stick woman on a green background. "Who's going to be intimidated by that :-/ ?" she lamented to herself. "If anything, people will just laugh at it..."

She drew her fist back, to punch her creation into oblivion... but before she did, she thought she'd best check with her friends.

"Lucy!" she called. "I've finished!"
"Awesome!" Lucy smiled, twirling a little. "I love it! I think it looks great! But... why are you unhappy?" she asks.
"Thanks, I guess..." Lily sighed, shrugging her shoulders. "It's just... this is supposed to be a war banner. It's supposed to scare people... but, who's going to be scared by that :-/ ? Not the Lennarts, that's for sure..."