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Full Version: Lazio ultras try to ban women from grandstand
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Hardcore fans of Lazio football club in Italy have circulated a letter saying women should be banned from part of the Curva Nord of Rome's Olympic Stadium.

The Lazio ultras have gained a reputation for violence, racism and anti-Semitism.

Before the first game of the season, an unofficial flyer was handed round saying the stand was a "sacred place" to which women were not allowed.

It said women should go to other parts of the stadium.

The pamphlet called for "women, wives and girlfriends" to not sit in the first 10 rows of the stand.

Violent, racist, anti-Semitic....and now sexist too? Do these scumbags have any redeeming features <_< ?

Of course, the club itself strongly condemns all of this crap - but, it seems that they just never learn :'( .
I've come to have low expectation from Lazio ultras. Heck, I lampooned them in my IntFam thread a few times :lol: But seriously, as if I didn't have enough disdain for the Lazio ultras, now I have even more! Headdesk Gimboids...