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Full Version: Hi, I'm eggdog
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I'm eggdog, and I'm new to this forum! I'll make sure to be my best to follow the rules and be active as possible.  :D :D :D :D  I have heard of this forum before, so I'll probably know how to reply and all that stuff.
Welcome to The Coffee House, eggdog! I hope you enjoy this place :) .

(Also, since we have a specific section for introductions, I've moved this thread there :) )
Thanks for the warm welcome, Kyng! (You're always free to call me by my real name or my online nickname "eggdog", by the way)
Welcome to TCH. :) I hope you enjoy it here. We don't bite, hard.. ;)
Hi Nilla.
Welcome to TCH, enjoy your stay with us.

See ya on the boards.  :lol:
Hey there and welcome. Loving the username!
Welcome to TCH! :)

What’s your favourite breed of dog?
Welcome, ED.
Detective Osprey, I dunno my favorite breed of dog.
MegaphoneStallone, hi back to you!
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