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Full Version: Another Adulthood
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Over in "Another Childhood", we have a non-canon "What If?" story, about what might have happened if Kyle's had lost his father Tom at the age of 13 (and not put to sleep). This is a similar sort of thing, except that it concerns what might have happened if Kyle's adulthood had been different. Here, Aliana and Kyle fall out for good, and don't attempt to get back together. Furthermore, instead of attempting to repair the relationship, Aliana takes the throne of New Atlantis from her father Nestor, as originally planned.

Due to the nature of this RPG, this is a private one between myself and . Sorry!

So, with no sign-up process to do, and no newly-established characters (yet :P ), I'll just jump straight in and start this:

Kyle was sat on his bed in his room, with his hands buried in his face. The events of the previous night were still sinking in: he and his long-time partner Aliana had had an absolutely dreadful argument, which had dragged on for over an hour. The start of the argument was an apparently trivial matter - she had had trouble finding him a drink that he liked - but one issue led to another, and in the end, it brought about the total breakdown of their relationship. Furthermore, Aliana was totally unwilling to fix things: she outright refused to talk to him, reasoning that she had given Kyle chance after chance after chance, and things simply never got any better between them.

Now, the only company Kyle had was his pet hamster Squeaks, who gazed forlornly at him through the bars of his cage. The poor rodent let out a sad sneeze: he looked as though he was about to cry...
Kyle whimpered rolling onto his side on his bed. He just felt there was nothing left for him anymore. He wished Cassandra would just let him sleep now, instead of having to still try. In his opinion the end result was going to be the same. He sighed curling into a ball starting to cry again.
Aliana, meanwhile, was lying silently in her own bed. The previous night's argument still stung, and it upset her that her relationship had ended so violently. However, it was also a massive weight off her shoulders mentally - and at last, she would be able to move on from him...

About half an hour later, Cassandra decided to enter Kyle's room, in order to check on him. "Kyle... how are things?"
Kyle was still lying on his side, his eyes red from crying, and stains on his cheeks from where tears had rolled down. He thought about telling Cassandra to go away, but decided against it. "I want to go to sleep." he said instead.
Cassandra frowned, as she sat next to Kyle on his bed.

"Kyle... I know it's very difficult right now," she whispered. "But, you need to try and move forward the best you can. Going to sleep isn't going to help anybody - least of all yourself. People will miss you... and Squeaks will really miss you :( ..."
"Don't care." Kyle said rolling over so he wasn't facing Cassandra. "It was better when I was asleep. I don't WANT to move forward. I want to go back to sleep!"
Cassandra recognised that it wasn't worth arguing any more - so, she decided to leave. "Well, there's not a lot more I can say, so I'll just go now. I hope you're feeling better soon..."

Later that day, Aliana went to her parents' room, to speak to Nestor and Cassandra about some ruling preparations. However, at the end of their meeting, she turned to her mother, to ask about Kyle.

"Did you see Mr Mature? Is he still whining and crying about me?"
Cassandra frowned at Aliana. "Don't call him that, Aliana. That's very immature. You need to be nice." she said before sighing. "He's not doing well though. He just wants to go back to sleep."
"Typical," Aliana snorted. "Sounds just like him... always chickening out when things aren't going smoothly. And I've tried being nice with him, but he just never changes. He's such a child."

Meanwhile, Jocelyn decided to knock on Kyle's door, to see how he was doing. "Kyle... are you there?"
"Aliana! That's enough." Cassandra snapped. "Have some compassion, you know what he's been through!"

Kyle sighed hearing Jocelyn. "Unfortunately..." he responded not moving from his bed.