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Full Version: Hi all Twisted here.
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Hi all,

My Names Ian - im 30 years of age (not too old yet) haha. Im from the UK, North East.

I enjoy a wide range of hobbies & love music and movies/TV - I love humour and general chit chat and looking forward to getting started here.

See you all around.
Welcome to TCH, Ian! I hope you enjoy this place :) .
Hi :) :ohai:
Welcome to TCH :)
Welcome lan to THC, have fun and I'll see you on the boards.  Thumbs-up  
Welcome to TCH!
Thanks all - you all seem so nice here  Heart eyes
Welcome to The Coffee House!
(04-07-2021, 07:48 AM)TwistedPingu Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks all - you all seem so nice here  Heart eyes

You're welcome, and I'm glad you're having a nice time so far :D !
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