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Full Version: Alone in the Dark
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This RPG is my first Round Robin on here. It is based on an original story of mine and a movie I had seen awhile ago. 

It was originally going to be the final football game of the year and I was supposed to go. That is until I realized I had failed my last pop quiz. My teacher had called my father and informed him of my bad grade. He told him the only way I could get my grade up was to turn in a report on some point in history and turn it in by Monday. I was told by my widowed father that I would have to stay in and work on the report for school instead. He was going to a movie while my older brother, Alec went to the game and then the bonfire with his friends.

I had written it out and typed it as well. I printed it out on my printer and was proofreading it. I still had to do one more draft before it would be ready to turn in. I was still sitting in my livingroom proofreading when the doorbell rang.
“Hello?” I called out as I stood up. “Is somebody there?”
There was no reply. Just a cold, chilling silence... followed by a series of quiet, muffled footsteps fading into silence. Perhaps it was just some stupid kid, who had decided to ring the doorbell and run... it certainly wouldn't have been the first time.

But then, about a minute later, the footsteps picked up again. There was a series of three hard, clattering knocks on the door - which somehow didn't sound as though they had been produced by a human...
I couldn't help but let out a scream. The sound had made me jump. I was completely caught off-guard by this sound.  "Who are you?!" I yelled.  Right now, I was wishing at least my brother was home.  Unfortunately, I had just remembered my father seldom remembered his cellphone and Alec had no reception at the field. "Get out of here!" I called out in a terrified tone.
Unfortunately, whoever (or whatever) was behind the door took no notice - as the banging continued incessantly. If anything, it grew harder - as the door began to shake in its frame, and the ground in the hallway began to tremble.

However, after about half a minute, there was a sudden and deafening *THUD* from right behind the door - and then, the banging fell completely silent.
I screamed again as I got to my feet. I raced out of the room and toward the basement stairs and threw open the door. I was about to head down until I remembered my father had closed it off temporarily. I sighed and then hurried up to the second floor instead. I had left my cellphone in my bedroom and was going to hurry up there to call for help.
As you ran off upstairs, the door blew wide open - and the intense chill of an evening gale began to fill the corridor, as twigs and leaves from outside began to blow inside. These produced an intense rustling noise - which made it hard to hear anybody over the phone.

However, nobody entered through the completely-opened door. Whatever had produced all the banging, it had stayed outside - even though there was nothing stopping it from entering...
I hurried to my bedroom and inside. I rushed over to my desk and grabbed my cellphone. I quickly dialed 911.

It rang twice before the operator came on and said, "Hello. 911. What is your emergency?"

I immediately said in a frightened tone, "Please help me! Someone is trying to break into my house!"

"I will send a police car right over. I just need your name and address." The operator said.

I gave my name and full address.  I then heard another crash coming from downstairs and then heard footsteps on the staircase.  I screamed and hurried over to the bedroom door. I quickly locked it and then switched my light off.
After the door closed, there was another loud *THUD*, then some quieter banging, as the intruder slipped back down the stairs. Then, when they reached the bottom, there noises stopped altogether.

A few minutes later, the silence was broken by the reassuring blare of a police siren. Two fully-uniformed officers jumped out of their car, turned on their flashlights, and carefully entered the house. It didn't take them long to find the source of the banging.

"You're safe to come down!" the officer called down, with a gruff chuckle. "It's just some drunkard who passed out :lol: !"
I slowly left my bedroom after hearing the officer. I made my way down the stairs to the first floor and met up with the officer. I was badly shaking as I approached him.  I held back my tears as I did. I was still scared even though the danger was temporarily over.  I sighed and asked, "Are you sure it's okay?" I was scanning the room with my eyes. I could hear screeching tires outside and knew either my father or brother had returned.

"ALYSSA?!" My father shouted as he rushed inside the house. He found me and immediately hugged me tightly.  "What happened? Are you okay?"

I nodded as I hugged him back. I was still shaking so he hugged me tighter. I heard him ask the officer, "What the hell happened tonight?"
The police officer tilted his head up, with a solemn look on his face.

"Another murder," he answered in a pointed, matter-of-fact manner. "At the bar this time. Seems this one was lucky to get away with his life..."

The officer then tugged at the unconscious man's hair, revealing a graze on his left cheek, and a completely vacant expression in his eyes. "Do you know him?"
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