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Full Version: Hello Everyone!
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Hi there,

Thought I would stop by and say hello :)

I see a few familiar faces .. and look forward to meeting everyone else! 

And a special hello to Kyng!
Welcome to The Coffee House! I hope you enjoy it here.
Welcome back, Mystique! Good to see you again :D .

Since you were on the old forum (back in 2014 :P ), would you like your old posts back, or would you prefer to start from scratch?
Welcome back Mystique :)
Hi Jade long time no see. How have you been? :)

Also, welcome back to TCH.
Welcome Back!
Hello, welcome!
Hey there. I thought I recognised your username! Nice to see old faces return. Welcome back. :)
Welcome   enjoy your stay.
So many warm welcomes, thank-you to everyone!

.. Regarding my old posts .. depends ..if they are quality, aye why not. If they are a bunch of shyte, best leave them where they are lol!

  .. so happy to see you again .. way too long, my old friend. Missed you so much. <3
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