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Full Version: Out of the Snow and Ice, a Fire Burns. The Last Outlaw RETURNS!
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What's Good Coffee House.  It feels so good to be back here after a service interruption that "crippled" me for the last five days.  So why am I so hot?  I have a couple of members of this site, who are also members of my own who forgot that my place, much like here, is a drama-free zone.  I need to remind both of them of that, so what I'm going to do is handle this at my place.

Meanwhile, my push for to win a Golden World will continue.  Get ready!
Welcome back!

Whatever the problem was, I'm glad it's all resolved now :) .
Welcome back...
Welcome back. :)
Welcome back!
Welcome back!
Lol. This topic is more ancient than   put together as of today.  Full Moon I'm going to lock it.